Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Feng Li, who will begin a PhD in electrical engineering from Polytechnique in January, earned one of three grants handed out by the Institut de l’énergie Trottier. The institute’s awards encourage the next generation of scientists to take on the technological, social and economic issues facing the energy sector.

His work will be overseen by Professors Roland Malhamé and Jérôme Le Ny. He will dedicate his research project to develop a method of managing energy demand, in order to balance the available electricity reserve.

Title: Méthode heuristique d’optimisation stochastique de la planification minière et positionnement des résidus miniers dans la fosse

Titre : Optimisation stochastique de la répartition spatio-temporelle d’un volume d’eau aux groupes turbo-alternateurs d’un système de production hydroélectrique [Translation not available]