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Semi-annual magazine popularizing scientific research carried out by our members and summary of our recent activities.

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G-2022-53 MPILS: An automatic tuner for MILP solvers
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The parameter configuration problem consists of finding a parameter configuration that provides the most effective performance by a given algorithm. This pap...

G-2022-56 Erratum, counterexample and an additional revealing poll step for a result of ``Analysis of direct searches for discontinuous functions''
, , and

This note provides a counterexample to a theorem announced in the last part of the paper Analysis of direct searches for discontinuous functions, Mathemati...

G-2022-52 A survey on AI-based scheduling models, optimization and prediction for hydropower generation: Variants, challenges, and future directions
, , and

The most common form of renewable energy production around the world is hydropower. As a result of the growing demand for robust and environmentally friendly...

G-2022-51 Inventory control and learning for one-warehouse multi-store system with censored demand
, , and

Motivated by our collaboration with one of the largest fast-fashion retailers in Europe, we study a two-echelon inventory control problem called the One-Ware...

G-2022-49 Online Newton's method with linear time-varying equality constraints

We consider online optimization problems with time-varying linear equality constraints. In this framework, an agent makes sequential decisions using only pri...

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Incremental LNS framework for integrated production, inventory, and vessel scheduling: Application to a global supply chain
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Order assignment and scheduling under processing and distribution time uncertainty
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Robust drone selective routing in humanitarian transportation network assessment
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