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Semi-annual magazine popularizing scientific research carried out by our members and summary of our recent activities.

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G-2023-14 The consistent vehicle routing problem with stochastic customers and demands
, , and

This paper introduces the consistent vehicle routing problem with stochastic customers and demands. We consider driver consistency as customer-driver assignm...

G-2023-13 On dynamic program decompositions of static risk measures
, , , and

Optimizing static risk-averse objectives in Markov decision processes is challenging because they do not readily admit dynamic programming decompositions. Pr...

G-2023-12 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using a heuristic method and the effective resistance of a graph
, , , , and

Robotic Process Automation has emerged in recent years as an important field by allowing faster and more secure processes through a reduction in the risks or...

G-2023-11 Strategic adaptation and capacity investments for seaports under competition and climate-change uncertainty
, , and

Seaports are highly vulnerable to climate-change induced events, which makes it necessary for them to invest in climate change adaptation measures to ensure ...

G-2023-10 Tilted inequalities and facets of the set covering polytope: a theoretical analysis
, , and

Given a ground-set of elements and a family of subsets, the set covering problem consists in choosing a minimum number of elements such that each subset cont...

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Precision Retailing: Driving Results with Behavioral Insights and Data Analytics
, , , and


Territorial design for customers with demand frequency
, , , , and


Lower bounds and properties for the average number of colors in the non-equivalent colorings of a graph
, , , and

We study the average number \(A(G)\) of colors in the non-equivalent colorings of a graph \(G\). We show some general properties of this graph invariant ...


A review of mathematical optimization models applied to the sugarcane supply chain
, , and


Diesel genset optimization in remote microgrids

In this paper, a new model is proposed for the real-time diesel genset optimal dispatch and unit commitment in remote microgrids. The objective is to reduce ...