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Semi-annual magazine popularizing scientific research carried out by our members and summary of our recent activities.

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G-2024-29 Reducing methane emissions from documented abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells in Canada and in the United States

Millions of oil and gas wells are abandoned and orphaned around the world. Due to funding shortfalls, many abandoned and orphaned wells remain unplugged and ...

G-2024-28 Joint optimization of electric bus scheduling and fast charging infrastructure location planning
, , and

Transit authorities are rapidly replacing conventional buses with electric ones because of the increasing concerns about air quality, greenhouse gas emission...

G-2024-27 Extremal chemical graphs for the arithmetic-geometric index
, , , , , and

The arithmetic-geometric index is a newly proposed degree-based graph invariant in mathematical chemistry. We give a sharp upper bound on the value of this ...

G-2024-26 On the frequency variation in load-flow calculations for islanded AC microgrid
, , , and

Load-flow analyses of islanded microgrids commonly assumes constant line admittances with respect to the grid's nominal frequency. This article analyzes erro...

G-2024-25 Revisiting Boehmer et al. (2021): Recent period, alternative method, different conclusions
, , and

We reassess Boehmer et al. (2021, BJZZ)'s seminal work on the predictive power of retail order imbalance (ROI) for future stock returns. First, we replicate ...

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Interpretability, Adaptability and Scalability of Variable Neighborhood Search
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Is it alpha or beta? Decomposing hedge fund returns when models are misspecified
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Adaptive robust optimization for lot-sizing under yield uncertainty
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Precision Retailing: Driving Results with Behavioral Insights and Data Analytics
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