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Repository of all the categories of scientific publications produced by our members over the years.


Semi-annual magazine popularizing scientific research carried out by our members and summary of our recent activities.

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G-2023-53 An history of relevance in unsupervised summarization

Automatic document summarization aims at creating a shorter version of one or more documents to help users digest large amounts of information more easily by...

G-2023-52 An optimization model for the energy management of the network of tanks in a water distribution system

"L'eau c'est la vie" is a well known french expression for "Water is life", which reflects the fact that water is undoubtedly the most vital resource in the ...

G-2023-50 Network design with vulnerability constraints and probabilistic edge reliability

The Network Design Problem with Vulnerability Constraints and Probabilistic Edge Reliability (NDPVC-PER) is an extension of the NDPVC obtained by additionall...

G-2023-49 Incentivizing healthy food choices using add-on bundling: A field experiment
, , and

How can retailers incentivize customers to make healthier food choices? Price, convenience, and taste are known to be among the main drivers behind such choi...

G-2023-48 Price-based strategies for mitigating electric vehicle-induced overloads on distribution systems
, , and

This paper first introduces a computationally efficient approach for conducting a time-series impact analysis of electric vehicle (EV) charging on the loadin...

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Adaptive robust optimization for lot-sizing under yield uncertainty
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Precision Retailing: Driving Results with Behavioral Insights and Data Analytics
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Formulations for the clustered traveling salesman problem with -relaxed priority rule


Application of Artificial intelligence in COVID-19-related geriatric care: A scoping review
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