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* Spotlights on ... - GERAD’s new director: Olivier Bahn
* Collaborations - Numerical optimization in Julia with the JuliaSmoothOptimizers framework
* Impact papers - Tight-and-cheap conic relaxation for the AC optimal power flow problem
* Where are they now? - R. Montagné, É. Prescott-Gagnon, O. Rubel
* Postdoctoral fellows - M. Diago Martínez, M. Gasse, S. A. Mojallal, J. A. Rodríguez
* Who are they? - J. Jalbert, W. Qi

At the December 12, 2019, members' meeting, a resolution to highlight Hugues Delmaire's important contribution to GERAD was adopted. Through this initiative, the members wanted to thank Hugues for his efforts and success in bringing researchers and entrepreneurs together. Hugues joined GERAD in May 2018 as a research coordinator seconded to GERAD by IVADO. Its main mission is to forge links between GERAD researchers and industry.

Title: Dynamique de l'évolution du couvert végétal forestier des agrosystèmes sahéliens du nord du Burkina Faso après les sécheresses des années 1970-1980: implication des pratiques d'aménagement des terres

Title: Contribution méthodologique à l'évaluation environnementale stratégique de l'aménagement des ports minéraliers en zone côtière tropicale: cas de la Guinée

Please take note that GERAD offices will be closed for the Christmas Holidays, from Tuesday, December 24, 2019 until Tuesday, January 2, 2020 inclusively.

An article co-authored by Professors Okan Arslan, Ola Jabali and Gilbert Laporte received an honourable mention in the awarding of the Best Paper of the Year Award by the international association INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics (TSL).

The article ranked close second among the 26 submissions received this year at the INFORMS annual meeting for the Transportation Science and Logistics category.

This study, titled Exact Solution of the Evasive Flow Capturing Problem presents an innovative solution to a complex problem of intercepting illegal vehicles in a transportation network. It was first published in November 2018 in the journal Operations Research, which is part of the Financial Times list (FT50) of the 50 scientific journals with the most impact in the business sector.

For more information visit this website.

Sihem Taboubi, Professor at HEC Montréal and GERAD member, has just published with Pierre-Olivier Pineau et Simon Sigué the book "Games in Management Science" at Springer.

This book highlights the latest treatment of emerging and revisited problems in management science that honors the scientific achievements of Professor Georges Zaccour.

The book was launched as part of the Workshop on Dynamic Games in Management Sciences held in Montreal on October 24 and 25, 2019.

On October 16th, the 4th edition of the GERAD Day was held for members and students of GERAD only. For this occasion, six members made a presentation on their research interests. They were Charles Audet and Roland P. Malhamé (Polytechnique Montréal), Marilène Cherkesly and Claudio Contardo (UQAM), Roussos Dimitrakopoulos (McGill University), Raf Jans (HEC Montréal) and Daniel Lafond ( Thales Research and Technology). The day attracted more than 60 people.

Thank you all for your participation!