Erick Delage



20 déc. 202311h00 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Mario Ghossoub

Equilibria in Centralized Insurance Markets: Monopolistic vs. Competitive Pricing

23 oct. 202311h00 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Esther Derman

Regularization and Robustness in Reinforcement Learning

11 avr. 202312h15 — 17h30 Atelier

Contextual Optimization Workshop

27 mai 202210h45 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Abolhassan Mohammadi Fathabad

Asymptotically Tight Conic Approximations for Chance-Constrained AC Optimal Power Flow

1 déc. 202111h00 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Amir Ardestani-Jaafari

Improving stroke routing protocol

2 juin 202109h00 — 10h00 Séminaire du GERAD Wenjie Huang

Preference robust optimization: Characterization and numerical methods

26 avr. 202112h30 — 13h30 Séminaire du GERAD Shanshan Wang

A column generation scheme for two-stage distributionally robust multi-item newsvendor problem

7 jan. 202015h00 — 16h00 Séminaire du GERAD William B. Haskell

An iterated random operator framework for algorithm analysis

8 juil. 201910h45 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Sarah Ben Amor

A clustering model for multiple criteria decision aiding with mixed evaluations