Smart infrastructure (telecommunications, public transport, smart cities)

Infrastructure is at the heart of our societies. Infrastructure networks (in such areas as transport, energy or telecommunications), support social and economic activities by facilitating the movement of people and goods, for example, as well as communication between people and the exchange of virtual information, and electricity distribution. Infrastructure is considered "smart" when operational management, whether in real time or in the planning mode, calls on a multitude of data and efficient algorithms to improve performance or provide better service. Several of our members at GERAD are interested in smart infrastructure management issues. Below, we present four of them, one for each of GERAD’s research axes.


Okan Arslan Member, GERAD
Jack Brimberg Associated member, GERAD
Gilles Caporossi Member, GERAD
Leandro C. Coelho Member, GERAD
Jean-François Cordeau Member, GERAD
Hanane Dagdougui Member, GERAD
Guy Desaulniers Member, GERAD
Yichuan Daniel Ding Member, GERAD
Fausto Errico Member, GERAD
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