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GERAD Newsletter - Spring edition 2022


The last issue of the Newsletter is now available. Enjoy!

  • Impact papers - Skilled workforce scheduling and routing
  • Collaborations ... - Stall economy: The value of mobility in retail on wheels
  • Actions and interactions - A new team of trainees for the NSERC Alliance–Huawei Canada project
  • Postdoctoral fellows - Saad Akhtar, Aldair Alvarez, Banafsheh Asadi, Vania Karami, Gislaine Mara Melega, Milka Nyariro, Ramesh Ramasamy Pandi, Lingqing Yao
  • Who are they? - Loubna Benabbou, Hanane Dagdougui, Franklin Djeumou Fomeni, Mary Kang
  • Goodbye Jean-Louis-Goffin
  • GERAD news brief