Group for Research in Decision Analysis

The 2011 Journées de la finance mathématique, organized by the Institut de finance mathématique de Montréal (IFM2), rewarded the three best MSc theses of 2010. Mourad El-Hila, of HEC Montréal, took first place. His thesis, entitled Estimation et calibrage du processus GARCH : une étude empirique, was directed by Michèle Breton and Lars Stentoft (Finance).

Gerardo Berbeglia has won the 2010 Mercure Award for the best doctoral dissertation. His dissertation, entitled Complexity Analyses and Algorithms for Pickup and Delivery Problems, was co-directed by Jean-François Cordeau, Full Professor with the Department of Logistics and Operations Management and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation, and Gilbert Laporte, Full Professor with the Department of Management Sciences and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management.

Last March, the GERAD executive board officially announced Jean-Philippe Waaub (UQAM) as director of the Center from May 1st to April 30th 2015.

All the GERAD members will like thank the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering of École Polytechnique de Montréal which offered us, so kindly, all those new chairs.

The MSc in Administration program management of HEC Montréal had listed 16 of their students at the Honour Roll for the fall 2010 term, three of them are from GERAD:

The article published last October in the Génial!, the FQRNT Newsletter, on E2G a GERAD research team, which is co-directed by Olivier Bahn and Jean-Philippe Waaub, has interest people accross the sea. ADIT, Agence pour la diffusion de l’information technologique, has published the article about global energy on his website