Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Jean Bigeon, Directeur de recherche CNRS, Laboratoire G-SCOP(Grenoble-INP)

Aditya Mahajan, Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University

Gilbert Laporte, a Full Professor with the Department of Management Sciences, is Canada’s third most influential researcher in the field of business, according to HiBAR, the Hirsch-Index Benchmarking of Academic Research. The first Canadian version of the index was recently published in The Globe and Mail.

Marina Epelman, Industrial and Operations Engineering department, University of Michigan

The Université de Moncton saluted the remarkable career of Professor Debbie J. Dupuis (Management Sciences) by awarding her “Le Prisme” on February 27. The award is presented every year to a Science Faculty graduate or student who has distinguished himself or herself in the sciences.

  • Oleksandr Romanko, McMaster University
  • Richard Caron, Windsor University

The Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF) has presented the 2010-2011 Jim Davey Award for the best doctoral paper by a student in Canada to Assistant Professor Julie Paquette (PhD 2010), for her article entitled “Mesure de la qualité de service et développement d’un outil d’aide à la décision multicritère en transport adapté : le cas de la ville de Longueuil.” The article summarizes her thesis, co-directed by Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte.

Michèle Breton, Geneviève Gauthier and Georges Zaccour, Department of Management Sciences, HEC Montréal, will be in sabbatical leave from June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013. Futhermore, Raf Jans, Department of Logistics and Operations Management, HEC Montréal, will be in sabbatical leave from July 1st to December 31, 2012 and from July 1st to December 31, 2013.

Atsushi Takizawa, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering