Group for Research in Decision Analysis

On June 1, 2010, Chantal Labbé and Sylvain Perron have been promoted as Associate Professor of the Department of Management Sciences at HEC Montréal.

Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 13:00, M. Alain Hertz will be interviewed by Sophie-Andrée Blondin from the radio station of Radio-Canada (95.1 FM) regarding his latest book l'Agrapheur.

Alain Hertz, Odile Marcotte and Asma Mdimagh have developed innovative methods for the automatic generation of an optimal system for gathering energy in a windmill park.

Dynamic Games and Applications is devoted to the development of all classes of dynamic games, namely, differential games, discrete-time dynamic games, evolutionary games, repeated and stochastic games, and their applications.

Je m’appelle Maurice Manori. Je suis inspecteur de police à la Sûreté du Québec à l’Institut de Police Scientifique de Montréal. Bien que j’habite au Québec, mes origines sont italiennes. Mes collègues m’appellent tout simplement Manori. Je sais cependant que, derrière mon dos, certains me surnomment « l’agrapheur ». N’allez surtout pas imaginer que j’ai pour habitude de brandir une agrafeuse… j’agrafe les suspects à l’aide de la théorie des graphes. Je me trouve actuellement dans un avion, en direction de Genève. Je me rends en Suisse pour participer au congrès COPS de la Police Scientifique. J’ai pour mission de convaincre mes collègues que les graphes pourraient leur être utiles dans leurs enquêtes.
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We are proud to announce that Michel Perrier, Professor from École Polytechnique, has been nominated Chairman of the Chemical Engineering Department. Congratulations Michel!

McGill University's Professor Peter Caines has been the prestigious Henrick Bode lecturer at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control in Shanghai, China, December 2009. This choice is in recognition of his distinguished contributions to Systems Science and Engineering. He has presented his work with Roland Malhamé and their common Ph.D. student Minyi Huang, now Professor at the Mathematics and Statistics Department of Carleton University.

We sincerely congratulate Charles Audet, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, for is promotion as Full Professor since June 2009.

Lila Rasekh, a student who obtained her doctorat in December 2008 under the direction of Mr. Jacques Desrosiers, Ph. D., publishes a book based on her thesis. Please clic here to visit the link and have more information on the matter.

On October 18th GERAD’s soccer team, GCC, ended the regular season with a victory 7-3 against Super Seven, their big rivals of the previous season. With this last victory GCC ended in first position of the league with a perfect score of five victories in the five games of the regular season.