Miguel F. Anjos



25 mai 202311h00 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Miguel F. Anjos

Optimal Deployment of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure via Bilevel Optimization

2 oct. 201915h30 — 16h30 Séminaire “Un(e) chercheur(-euse) du GERAD vous parle!” Elizaveta Kuznetsova

Integration of small-scale prosumers into an economic arrangement framework for energy provision

30 avr. 201915h00 — 16h00 Séminaire du GERAD Josh Taylor

Optimal planning and control of direct current lines in power systems

29 oct. 201813h30 — 18h00  

Journée du GERAD 2018

25 oct. 201815h45 — 17h00 Séminaire du GERAD Kankar Bhattacharya

Incentive design for smart charging: Utility-customer interactions and distribution systems impact

20 sept. 201810h45 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Véronique Delisle et Louis-Philippe Proulx

Demand flexibility: Planning and scheduling of smart electric water heaters and electric baseboard thermostats

17 août 201815h45 — 17h00 Séminaire du GERAD Ivana Ljubic

Very large scale covering location problems in the design of advanced metering infrastructure

19 avr. 201810h30 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD José M. Arroyo

Generation scheduling under renewable-based uncertainty via two-stage adaptive robust optimization

12 avr. 201815h30 — 17h00 Séminaire du GERAD Natalia Alguacil

Revenue and network-constrained day-ahead market clearing under marginal pricing

28 mars 201810h45 — 12h00 Séminaire du GERAD Martim Joyce-Moniz

Increasing electric vehicle adoption via strategic siting of charging stations

22 mars 201815h45 — 17h00 Séminaire du GERAD Manuel V.C. Vieira

On the packing process in a shoes manufacturer