Axis 4: Real-time decision support

This axis brings together theoretical developments and applications for continuous and discrete real-time decision making with information on future needs over a shorter or longer horizon. Several GERAD researchers who are experts on optimization algorithms for planning in many fields extend their activities to operational decisions. They innovate by using the results of planning for better decisions in real time. The Canada Excellence Research Chair in Real-Time Decision Making is a member of GERAD.


Mehiddin Al-Baali Associated member, GERAD
Nabil Belacel Associated member, GERAD
Loubna Benabbou Member, GERAD
Jacques Desrosiers Associated member, GERAD
Issmail El Hallaoui Member, GERAD
James Richard Forbes Member, GERAD
Jean-François Frigon Associated member, GERAD
Michel Gamache Member, GERAD
Mehmet Gumus Member, GERAD
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