Axis 2: Decision support made in complex systems

The complexity of decision support systems can take many forms. Some optimization problems involve millions of variables and constraints. Others are made up of highly nonlinear functions, obtained by simulations requiring a long computation time. The complexity can also be due to the large number of agents who act without coordination on the system. This line of research aims to design a range of algorithms adapted to the characteristics of these systems, to apply them to real problems, and to analyze their convergence.


Yossiri Adulyasak Member, GERAD
Stéphane Alarie Associated member, GERAD
Daniel Aloise Member, GERAD
Miguel F. Anjos Associated member, GERAD
Okan Arslan Member, GERAD
Charles Audet Member, GERAD
Olivier Bahn Member, GERAD
Pierre Baptiste Member, GERAD
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