\(\texttt{LibHSL}\): the ultimate collection for large-scale scientific computation

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The Harwell Subroutine Library (HSL) is a renowned suite of efficient and robust numerical algorithms designed to tackle complex mathematical problems such as solving sparse linear systems or computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors of sparse matrices. LibHSL is a comprehensive collection of HSL packages that facilitates integration into C, Fortran or Julia projects. One of the notable features of LibHSL is its innovative compilation system based on Meson. The new build system not only significantly accelerates compilation, but also ensures portability across multiple operating systems. To further streamline the user experience, LibHSL provides archives of precompiled libraries as well as a package called HSL_jll.jl, specifically designed for the Julia ecosystem. This eliminates the need for users to compile anything on their local machines, offering ready-to-use functionality right away.

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