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“Meet a GERAD researcher!” seminar

On the difference of energies of a graph and its complement graph


Nov 27, 2019   03:30 PM — 04:30 PM

Seyed Ahmad Mojallal HEC Montréal, Canada

The energy of a graph G, is de fined as the sum of the absolute values of all eigenvalues of G. In this talk, we study the difference of energies of a (regular) graph G and its complete graph. In particular, we provide the answer to Problem 12 raised in [V. Nikiforov, Remarks on the energy of regular graphs, Linear Algebra Appl. 508 (2016) 133-145]. Moreover, we give a lower bound for the energy of a regular graph in terms of the order and the clique cover number.

Coffee and biscuits will be offered at the beginning of the seminar.
Welcome to everyone!

Pierre Hansen organizer


Room 4488
André-Aisenstadt Building
Université de Montréal Campus
2920, chemin de la Tour
Montréal QC H3T 1J4

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