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Flatpak is a Linux program that can be used to install some other Linux programs. If you need a program that's not available on the desktop or through a module, you can look with flatpak to see if it's available.

The software is already installed but no software repositories are so the first step is to add one. The most popular is flathub so let's install it.

flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub

Once installed, you can search, install and run applications.

flatpak search texstudio
Name            Description        Application ID                Version       Branch      Remotes
TeXstudio       LaTeX editor       org.texstudio.TeXstudio       4.2.3         stable      flathub
flatpak install org.texstudio.TeXstudio
flatpak run org.texstudio.TeXstudio


The applications you install with flatpak don't work remotely through the X11 protocol, they can only be used on site in front of the computer.