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Registration Procedure for the digital alliance of Canada

To access the ressources, a canadian researcher must create an account. Once this account is created, that person will be able to sponsor students, postdocs or collaborators.

You can begin by consulting the Calcul Canada youtube channel. Compute Canada is the previous name of the alliance.

The procedure is as follows:

1- Registration of the Professor

Once the application is accepted the researcher should receive an email with an account number like this: xxx-xxx-xx

2- Registration of the student on the same link and select sponsored student and enter the account number that was assigned to the supervisor by the alliance.

3- Once the confirmation email is sent to the student or researcher the account is active and allows access to the grids. However, if you specifically need the Niagara cluster, you have to request it since it's not included by default.

4- Read the alliance documentation to learn how to submit a job, use modules and other information.


If you need to use CPL in calcul Québec or compute Canada grid, you need to register to IBM academic in order to get your own student CPLEX version (you need to downloads the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio for Linux x86-64 Multilingual).

Then in your local account in Compute Canada or Calcul Québec grid, you can install CPLEX following the instructions in the help page:


On some of the clusters, gurobi is installed. However, you need to make a request by email to be autorised to use it.