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VPN Connection

To obtain access to the VPN, please contact the IT team.

We recommend the Tunnelblick client.Tunnelblick is a VPN client for Mac that has a user friendly GUI to connect to vpn. Here's how to configure it:

  • Install the client.
  • Open the program.
  • Click on "Configure" in the tunnelblick window.
  • Click "Import a profile".
  • Select the configuration file that you downloaded and extracted.
  • Click open.

Once the configuration files have been added, you can connect to the VPN using these steps:

  • Open tunnelblick.
  • Click on the tunnelblick on the menubar.
  • Click the name of the configuration to use.
  • Click "Connect".
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click "OK" to connect.

The openvpn is usually available through the system package manager (dnf, yum, apt, etc).

Client installation :


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openvpn

Redhat familly (Oracle linux, Almalinux Centos, Fedora):

sudo dnf install openvpn

Copy the configuration files to a directory of your choice. To connect, use this command with root privileges (sudo):

sudo openvpn /path_to/configuration.ovpn

We will give you a Windows installer that includes the openvpn client as well as the configuration. You only have to execute it and follow the instructions. Once installed, look in the task bar in the ^ section to start the connection using the right mous button.


If you have problems, you can contact us as one of these addresses: