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Politiques de répartition des ressources dans un atelier d'aciérage

The steeling workshop of SIDBEC in Contrecoeur consists of four electric arc furnaces which share some limited energy and material resources. Such limitations do not allow to use the full capacity of these furnaces.

The aim of this research consists to manage the allocation of these resources for minimizing the time of a given production, which improves the system's productivity.

The problem is formulated as a non linear scheduling problem. Two procedures are proposed to solve such problem. The first one considers the determinist system with the usxe of the relaxation of some constraints. The second one takes into account some event which disturbs the normal functioning of the system. The proposed technique consists to adapt the scheduling strategy of the system during the occurence of the event.

The obtained results show the substantial gain relatively to the chosen objective function which represents the required time for the realization of a given production.

, 138 pages