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Scaled projected-directions methods with application to transmission tomography

, et

Statistical image reconstruction in X-Ray computed tomography yields large-scale regularized linear least-squares problems with nonnegativity bounds, where the memory footprint of the operator is a concern. Discretizing images in cylindrical coordinates results in significant memory savings but deteriorates the conditioning of the operator. We improve the Hessian conditioning by way of a block-circulant scaling operator and we propose a strategy to handle nondiagonal scaling in the context of projected-directions methods for bound-constrained problems. We describe our implementation of the scaling strategy using two algorithms: TRON, a trust-region method with exact second derivatives, and L-BFGS-B, a linesearch method with a limited-memory quasi-Newton Hessian approximation. We compare our approach with one where a change of variable is made in the problem. On two reconstruction problems, our approach converges faster than the change of variable approach, and achieves much tighter accuracy than a first-order method.

, 22 pages