Separating Valid Odd-Cycle and Odd-Set Inequalities for the Multiple Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problem

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We consider the multicommodity network flow formulation of the Multiple Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problem (MDVSP) and investigate several strategies within a branch-and-cut framework for solving the MDVSP. In particular we compare subalgorithms for separating the cutting planes introduced by Hadjar, Marcotte, and Soumis in "A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Multiple Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problem" (Operations Research 54, pp. 130-149, 2006). We also evaluate the effectiveness of a new criterion for fixing some variables in the multicommodity flow formulation. Finally we present computational experiments to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies.

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Separating valid odd-cycle and odd-set inequalities for the multiple depot vehicle scheduling problem
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EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, 1(3-4), 283–312, 2013 référence BibTeX