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A Simulation-and-Regression Approach for Stochastic Dynamic Programs with Endogenous State Variables

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We investigate the optimum control of a stochastic system, in the presence of both exogenous (control-independent) stochastic state variables and endogenous (control-dependent) state variables. Our solution approach relies on simulations and regressions with respect to the state variables, but also grafts the endogenous state variable into the simulation paths. That is, unlike most other simulation approaches found in the literature, no discretization of the endogenous variable is required. The approach is meant to handle several stochastic variables, offers a high level of flexibility in their modeling, and should be at its best in non time-homogenous cases, when the optimal policy structure changes with time. We provide numerical results for a dam-based hydropower application, where the exogenous variable is the stochastic spot price of power, and the endogenous variable is the water level in the reservoir.

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