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Topological Design Optimization of a Yottabit-per-second Lattice Network


This paper deals with the topological design of a yotta-bit-per-second (1 yotta = 1024) multidimensional network. The YottaWeb is a recently proposed architecture based upon Agile Optical Cores that provides fully meshed connectivity with direct optical paths between Edge Nodes that are electronically controlled. In order to arrange the Edge Nodes around the Agile Cores into a suitable and efficient YottaWeb, one proposal is to create a multidimensional lattice structure of Agile Cores. The problem of designing such a structure is highly combinatorial. In this paper, we present the problem, that we call NAP (Nodal Arrangement Problem) and we propose a Meta-Search procedure based on Tabu and VNS to solve it. The performance of the algorithm is gauged using a set of randomly generated networks with different distribution of traffic.

, 31 pages

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