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Design Optimization of a Next Generation Yottabit-per-second Network


This paper deals with the design of a new proposed optical core transport network called the YottaWeb, which offers information delivery at rates thousand of times those of today's Internet. The YottaWeb is based upon the concept of Agile Cores of a previous named PetaWeb architecture that provides direct optical paths between electronically controlled edge nodes. A fundamental question is how to arrange the edge nodes around the agile cores into a suitable and efficient YottaWeb that could gracefully expand as demand increases, while considering the mean hop value weighted by the demand, as the main performance measure. Based on the proposal to create a multidimensional lattice structure of agile cores, we review previous algorithms proposed for the resultant highly combinatorial problem. Next, we propose a MetaSearch procedure based on Tabu Search and VNS. The performance of this procedure is assessed using a set of networks with random chaotic traffic. Comparative results will be discussed.

, 13 pages