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Séminaire informel de théorie des systèmes (ISS)

Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking over Networks


14 juin 2024   10h30 — 11h30

Weijian Li University of Toronto, Canada

Séminaire hybride à l'Université McGill ou Zoom.

In this talk, we consider seeking (generalized) Nash equilibrium (GNE) over networks for noncooperative games. We reveal the convergence of a typical gradient-play dynamics for GNE seeking from a passivity-based perspective, and then, propose two novel dynamics by passivity-based modification on the gradient-play scheme with convergence guarantees in merely monotone regimes. Following that, resorting to passivity, we develop a unifying framework to generalize the gradient-play dynamics. In addition, we consider a noncooperative game problem played by nonlinear agents with uncertainty. We establish a two-layer framework and systematically convert this problem into a distributed output regulation problem. Under some standard assumptions, we design control laws such that outputs of agents to reach the Nash equilibrium of the game.

Bio: Weijian Li is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Toronto. He received his PhD degree in operations research and cybernetics from the University of Science and Technology of China in Nov. 2021. He was also a joint PhD student with the Key Laboratory of Systems and Control, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include game theory, distributed optimization and network control.

Peter E. Caines responsable
Aditya Mahajan responsable
Shuang Gao responsable
Borna Sayedana responsable
Alex Dunyak responsable


Salle MC 437
Pavillon McConnell
Université McGill
3480, rue University
Montréal QC H3A 0E9

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Centre for intelligent machines (CIM)

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