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Séminaire informel de théorie des systèmes (ISS)

Dynamic Estimation of Mental Workload and Operator Accuracy in Human Automation Teams


5 juin 2024   10h00 — 11h00

Raihan Seraj Université McGill, Canada

Raihan Seraj

Séminaire hybride à l'Université McGill ou Zoom.

Human cognitive states, such as mental workload, play a pivotal role in decision making processes within human automation teams. Although subjective measures of mental workload can be obtained using standard questionnaires like the NASA-TLX, their administration is often impractical as it interferes with the primary tasks of the human operator. Therefore, it is of interest to estimate these subjective measures from less intrusive observations. Evidence suggests that mental workload is a dynamic process so incorporating historical measurements could reduce its estimation error. Additionally, the estimation of operator performance in human automation teams is essential in optimizing task effectiveness and facilitating efficient resource allocation. In this work, we present and compare different dynamic schemes to estimate an operator’s performance on classification tasks, i.e., classification accuracy and her subjective ratings on subscales of the NASA-TLX questionnaire, which measure mental workload across multiple dimensions. These schemes differ in the information available for estimation. We test these schemes on data collected from a scenario where a human and an automation perform a series of classification tasks for simulated mobile objects. Our analysis of the interaction data and the estimation schemes indicates that employing dynamic estimation for certain NASA-TLX subscale ratings leads to decreased estimation errors. However, similar conclusions cannot be drawn with certainty for the estimation of the operator classification accuracy.

Bio: Raihan Seraj is a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University.

Peter E. Caines responsable
Aditya Mahajan responsable
Shuang Gao responsable
Borna Sayedana responsable
Alex Dunyak responsable


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