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Enhancing Academic Research with a Superior PKM System – Obsidian+Zotero Integration Workshop


25 jan. 2024   13h00 — 14h30

Morteza Taghdisi Université Concordia, Canada

Morteza Taghdisi

Présentation sur YouTube.

Overview and Challenges:

This workshop, led by Morteza, introduces a groundbreaking Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) System. It addresses common challenges faced by scholars using traditional tools like Endnote, Mendeley, and Evernote, such as disorganization and inefficiency in managing research notes and literature.

The PKM Solution:

The PKM system integrates tools like Obsidian, Zotero, and ResearchRabbit, revolutionizing note-taking and literature review processes. It emphasizes advanced tagging for a better representation and accessibility of notes, contrasting the limitations of conventional tools. This system not only organizes research materials but also streamlines the process of writing literature reviews, allowing for efficient navigation through tagged information.

Impact and Benefits:

Ideal for students and academics, the workshop demonstrates how to effectively manage extensive research materials, significantly improving productivity and transforming academic workflows. Attendees will leave with actionable strategies for more efficient research and knowledge management.

Bio: Morteza is a doctoral candidate specializing in Business Administration at the John Molson School of Business (JMSB), Concordia University. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Prior to embarking on his Ph.D. journey in 2020, he worked as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultant in Milan, Italy. His professional experience as an ERP consultant, coupled with his teaching roles in industry and academia, contributed to his understanding of both the theoretical and practical applications of effective knowledge management. In recent years, Morteza has dedicated himself to developing a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) System tailored for scholarly endeavours. The system integrates academic tools like Obsidian, Zotero, and ResearchRabbit to enhance efficiency in academic research. He has showcased the PKM system at various institutions, including Concordia University and HEC Montreal, sharing insights to benefit fellow academics.


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