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Séminaire sur les jeux dynamiques et les applications

Investment in Vehicle to Grid and Distributed Energy Resources: Distributor versus Prosumer's Perspectives and the Impact of Applicable Rates


27 avr. 2023   11h00 — 12h00

Seyyedreza Madani HEC Montréal, Canada

Seyyedreza Madani

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In order for smart homes to be optimally deployed, the following questions should be addressed. Should the distribution company or the prosumer invest in DER and manage it? What combination of DER should be used? Furthermore, what is the right tariff to impose? This study investigates different aspects of smart home investment and management problems to address these questions. A mathematical model for controlling DER and EMS is developed, and based on the real-world consumption and generation data and costs, the results are presented. They highlight the importance of deploying Vehicle to Grid (V2G) to make DER investments profitable.
(With Pierre-Olivier Pineau.)

Georges Zaccour responsable
Ke Jiang responsable
Fatemeh Zand responsable


Montréal Québec

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