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Séminaire sur les jeux dynamiques et les applications

On Capital Accumulation Games in Cournot Duopoly Model of Complements


24 nov. 2022   11h00 — 12h00

Bertrand Crettez Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II, France

Bertrand Crettez

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We analyze a differential game of capital accumulation in the Cournot duopoly model of complements. In this model, consumers have a downward-sloping demand for a final product which is made out of n different complement goods. The _rms producing these goods accumulate capital and set their prices facing capacity constraints. It turns out that in the price equilibrium, firms' instant profits are discontinuous functions of their capacities. As a consequence, one cannot use standard optimal control approaches to study the equilibria of the dynamic game. We nevertheless find that in contrast with the literature on capital accumulation games the open-loop Nash equilibrium does not exist generally. Existence of equilibrium only holds when firms cannot disinvest and have the same initial production capacity.

(With Naila Hayek and Guiomar Martín-Herrán)

Georges Zaccour responsable
Can Baris Cetin responsable
Mahsa Mahboob Ghodsi responsable


Montréal Québec Canada

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