Chair in Supply Chain Operations Planning

The Chair’s research program focuses on optimization methods applied to supply chain operations planning problems. The three main areas are production planning, integrated production and transportation planning, and planning under uncertainty. These planning problems are relevant for many manufacturing companies as optimized planning helps them to reduce costs and maintain their competitiveness. In terms of methodology, the projects focus on solving planning problems using linear and integer programming models. We will formulate new mathematical models for different problems and develop new and effective solution algorithms. The objectives of this research program are: 1) to conduct high-quality research in the area of operations planning; 2) to supervise graduate students during their research training; 3) to apply this research to industrial problems.




Jans, Raf
Full Professor, Department of Logistics and Operations Management, HEC Montréal
514 340-7256


Congradulations to Masoud Chitsaz, directed by Jean-François Cordeau and Raf Jans from HEC Montréal. He received the 2020 Best Thesis award for his thesis entitled "Integrated Production and Transportation Planning ."

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HEC Montréal is pleased to announce a new Chair in Supply Chain Operations Planning, held by Professor Raf Jans. His five-year appointment took effect January 1, 2019, and will continue until December 31, 2023.

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