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New FRQ grant for a GERAD team

GERAD would like to highlight the FRQ grant received by the team of Antoine Legrain, François Soumis and Hugues Delmaire. Started more than two years ago and developed in collaboration with the RTC of Quebec City, this project deals with intelligent mobility, innovation ecosystems, GHG reduction and the design of tools for thinking about the sustainable city of tomorrow. It is also a highly collaborative project which, in addition to the team leading the project, now includes a group of researchers from GERAD, CIRRELT and OBVIA: Patrick Turmel, Vincent Gautrais, Sébastien Gambs, Leandro C. Coelho, Brunilde Sansò, Fanny Tremblay-Racicot and Martin Trépanier. The complementarity of this very multidisciplinary team is an important asset in this complex project.

This initiative is an illustration of the capacity of our research centers to collaborate and to join their efforts to dedicate part of their resources to ambitious and important projects for our collective future.

edited Jul 25, 2022 08:29 AM