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Member, GERAD

Professor, Department of Mathematics, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

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Sep 2005 – Apr 2010
Ph.D., Administration Essais sur le risque de crédit
HEC Montréal – Management Science, Geneviève Gauthier, director

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Hedging variable annuities: How often should the hedging portfolio be rebalanced?
Risk & Rewards, 71, 1–7, 2018 BibTeX reference
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Mathieu Boudreault, a Ph.D. student directed by Geneviève Gauthier, HEC Montréal and GERAD, received the only bursary under the Girardin-Vaillancourt program of the Desjardins Foundation in the field of economics, finance, administration and management, to allow him to complete his thesis, which he plans to defend in July of next year.