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Jean-François Cordeau

IVADO funding program for excellence scholarships – PhD

  • Antoine Prouvost (Polytechnique Montréal, Andrea Lodi)
    Learning to Select Cutting Planes in Integer Programming

IVADO funding program for excellence scholarships – MSc

  • Tiphaine Bonniot de Ruisselet (Polytechnique Montréal, Dominique Orban)
    Accélération de méthodes d’optimisation pour les problèmes volumineux par évaluation inexact

Drawing on his background in information technologies, businessman Alexandre Taillefer is once again applying their incredible potential, this time to revolutionize a very conventional world: the taxi industry. Researchers at HEC Montréal are currently working on an application based on big data processing, which should allow his Téo Taxi business to serve more customers with the same number of employees.

This research project is a perfect example of the type of initiatives supported by IVADO, the Institute for Data Valorization, and which are making Montréal a world leader in big data mining.

Professor-researcher Jean-François Cordeau, holder of the Chair in Logistics and Transportation at HEC Montréal, and Master’s student Charly Robinson La Rocca explain exactly what they are working on.

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The Master of Science in Administration Program Office of HEC Montréal had listed 17 students whose outstanding marks earned them a place on the program’s winter and summer 2015 Honour Roll! Every term, the students who achieve the highest GPA in their specialization, after completing at least 15 credits, are listed on the Honour Roll.

The MSc in Administration program management of HEC Montréal had listed 20 of their students at the Honour Roll for the winter 2012 term, three of them are from GERAD:

The Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF) has presented the 2010-2011 Jim Davey Award for the best doctoral paper by a student in Canada to Assistant Professor Julie Paquette (PhD 2010), for her article entitled “Mesure de la qualité de service et développement d’un outil d’aide à la décision multicritère en transport adapté : le cas de la ville de Longueuil.” The article summarizes her thesis, co-directed by Jean-François Cordeau and Gilbert Laporte.

Gerardo Berbeglia has won the 2010 Mercure Award for the best doctoral dissertation. His dissertation, entitled Complexity Analyses and Algorithms for Pickup and Delivery Problems, was co-directed by Jean-François Cordeau, Full Professor with the Department of Logistics and Operations Management and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation, and Gilbert Laporte, Full Professor with the Department of Management Sciences and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management.