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Gilles Caporossi

On Monday, November 28, GERAD was visited by some 60 students from Père Marquette secondary school (Rosemont). It was an opportunity for them to discover and demystify the daily lives of researchers and the problems they are working on. They attended activities on modeling, the use of mathematics as a generic methodology applicable to a wide variety of problems and applications, such as environmental modeling or management. The role of the computer in research has not been forgotten. Thanks to Eglantine Camby, Laurie Cloutier, Annie Levasseur, Edoh Logo and Catherine Poissant for animating these sessions.

The Master of Science in Administration Program Office of HEC Montréal had listed 17 students whose outstanding marks earned them a place on the program’s winter and summer 2015 Honour Roll! Every term, the students who achieve the highest GPA in their specialization, after completing at least 15 credits, are listed on the Honour Roll.

Four scholarships of $3000 each respectively will be attributed to:

  • Stéphane Jacquet, sponsored by Charles Audet and Gilles Caporossi;
  • Geoffroy Chevalier, sponsored by Jérôme Le Ny andRoland Malhamé;
  • Vilmar de Sousa, sponsored by Miguel F. Anjos and Sébastien Le Digabel;
  • Amal Feriani, sponsored by Georges Zaccour.

Pléiade Capital is the first initiative in venture capital in Quebec built by students for students. The multidisciplinary team is formed with students from Polytechnique Montréal, HEC Montréal (including Hélène-Sarah Bécotte-Boutin, co-supervised by Gilles Caporossi and Alain Hertz) and the Université de Montréal. The team is under the supervision of Jacques Lemay, a professor of the Department of Finance of HEC Montréal.

The MSc in Administration program management of HEC Montréal had listed 20 of their students at the Honour Roll for the winter 2012 term, three of them are from GERAD:

The International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry newly elected Gilles Caporossi as a member.

Three of our members, also Professors in the Department of Management Sciences at HEC Montréal, will be in sabbatical leave from June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011, they are:

Gilles Caporossi, member of GERAD and Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences at HEC Montréal, received the Promising Young Scientist Award at the 3rd Meeting of the International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry at Dubrovnik, June 7-9, 2007.