Extended MARKAL: A Brief User Manual for its Stochastic Programming and Multi-Region Features


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The purpose of this document is to introduce the potential users to the new features of Extended MARKAL, stochastic programming and multiple region capability, developed at GERAD (Group for Research in Decision Analysis). It is also meant to help the new user in using the stochastic and/or multi-region features of the model and in producing table and reports of his/her choice. Familiarity with the standard MARKAL and MUSS has been assumed. At present, the software operates through the FoxPro (2.0) command window. The graphs are plotted by VB module in EXCEL (7.0). This document comprises two parts: Part A describes the operation of stochastic programming feature to include multiple scenarios, and the multi-region capability. The report writer is described in Part B.

, 21 pages