Cloptimus: A Multi-Objective Cloud Data Center and Software Component Location Framework


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Cloud Computing networks include software components, servers, routers, network links, and data center facilities. Thus, they require a meticulous design that considers multiple objectives: the average network delay, the capital expenditures (CAPEX), the operational expenditures (OPEX), the energy consumption, and because of the increasing importance of the environmental impact, the CO2 emissions. This paper addresses the location of software components, servers, and Cloud data centers through a mixed integer programming model, and a detailed study of the network traffic, costs, and energy considerations in Cloud Computing. The scenarios have up to 24 potential data center locations and 200,000 servers to locate, and show how all those aspects can be analyzed with the Cloptimus comprehensive framework.

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1st IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CLOUDNET 2012), 23–28, 2012 BibTeX reference