Analysis of HnH Model for Live Streaming Channels with a Small Number of Viewers

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The focus of the paper is on adequate service and content distribution with Dedicated Channels having a Small number of Viewers (DCSV for short) in a multi-channel live streaming system. Usually, these DCSV channels are either user generated or dedicated channels and they suffer adversely from poor channel performance, mainly, due to having a small number of participants. As a result, when a viewer explicitly requests for a block of streaming content, the probability that the requested block of data will be available among the existing viewers is less than it is required in order to offer continuous service and a proper distribution. We propose HnH, a novel approach of cross-channel resource sharing, in order to solve the performance problem of DCSV channels due to their small number of viewers. We also developed a discrete-time stochastic model in order to analyze the performance issues of the proposed HnH scheme and provide insight into it.

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Analysis of HnH model for live streaming channels with a small number of viewers
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Seventh International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing (3PGCIC-2012), Victoria, Canada, 2012 BibTeX reference