Improving QoS of all-IP Generation of Pre-WiMax Networks Using Delay-Jitter Model

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The topic of this paper is the evaluation of QoS parameters in live Pre-Wimax environments. The main contribution is the validation of an analytical delay-jitter behavior model. These models can be used in optimization algorithms in order to provide opportunistic and reliable all-IP networks. It allows understanding the impact of the jitter constraints on the throughput and packet loss in wireless systems. However, we show that the real-time QoS requirements of real-time and interactive services can be avoided to a large degree by controlling only the packet delay-jitter in a fixed and mobile environment. The QoS metrics have been computed from live measurements in a Pre-Wimax realistic environment (Toulouse/Blagnac Airport).

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Improving QoS of all-IP generation of Pre-Wimax networks using delay-jitter model
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Journal of Telecommunications, 2(2), 99–103, 2010 BibTeX reference