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A Scalable Design of Agile Optical Networks Under Dynamic Small-Batch Traffic

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In this paper, we present a scalable and agile design for next generation optical backbone networks. We assume each node to be equipped with a MultiService Provisioning Platform (MSPP) and a Photonic Switch (PXC). The objective is to come up with a minimum cost dimensioning of those nodal equipment together with a network provisioning under dynamic traffic. We propose two greedy provisioning approaches within the framework of small-batch provisioning under asymmetric traffic. Consequently, in a multi-time period/interval context, at the outset of each time period/interval, the provisioning of the batch of new incoming requests is conducted in such a way that each new demand request is routed on a single hop or a two-hop ligthpath and assigned to an Optical Independent Routing Configuration (OIRC).

We present two node dimensioning strategies, i.e., a myopic one and an anticipative one in view of an efficient resource pre-deployment and a cost-effective network lifetime planning scheme. Performance evaluation and comparisons are conducted on different network and traffic instances. Experiments show that, not only the proposed heuristics are highly scalable, but the resulting network design architectures are very close to the optimal ones. Experiments also allow the investigation of the conditions under which, and of how much, an anticipative strategy is beneficial over a myopic one.

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