Group for Research in Decision Analysis

GERAD Newsletter: Volume 9 - Number 1 - Studing at GERAD


  • Interviews with Sivan Altinakar and Pablo Andrés-Domenech
  • Interviews with Marilène Cherkesly and Hadhami Dbira
  • Interviews with Ahad & Moshen Dehghani and Hichem Garbouj
  • Interviews with Asma Mdimagh and Samuel Rosat
  • Interviews with Behnaz Saboonchi and Mouna Sebri
  • Farsightedness in a coalitional Great Fish War
  • The theory of decentralized equilibria
  • An exact algorithm for solving clusterwise regression problems
  • Cutting planes for branch-and-price
  • Integrated airline crew scheduling
  • TIMED – A case study for the Baie-des-Sables Wind Farm
  • GERAD in brief