Group for Research in Decision Analysis

GERAD Newsletter: Volume 6 - Numbers 1 & 2 - One of ours is the world's TOP!


  • GERAD update
  • Ortho-MADS: A Deterministic MADS Instance with Orthogonal Directions
  • The Saga of the Three Little Octagons
  • Information Acquisition for Capacity Planning via Pricing and Advance Selling
  • Option Pricing under GARCH Processes by PDE Methods
  • Scheduling Technicians and Tasks in a Telecommunications Company
  • Complementarity of Hydro and Wind Power
  • Branch-and-Price-and-Cut for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Multivariate Trees for Mixed Outcomes
  • Mean-Variance Efficiency with Extended CIR Interest Rates
  • A Solution Method for a Car Fleet Management Problem
  • Locating a Metro Line in the Historical City Centre of Sevilla
  • Durable Products with Multiple Used Goods Markets
  • Computational Aspects of Multimarket Price Wars