Group for Research in Decision Analysis

GERAD Newsletter: Volume 14 - Number 1 - Spring 2017


  • Spotlights on ... - Gilles Savard, new CEO of the IVADO
  • Actions and Interactions - Determining optimal routes to meet tight deadlines
  • Collaborations - GERAD, integrated complex engineering systems and the next steps in stochastic mine planning
  • Postdoctoral fellows - Reinhard Burgy, Eglantine Camby, Jean-Bertrand Gauthier, Andrew Lambe, Nikolaos Pnevmatikos
  • Who are they? - Yossiri Adulyasak, James Richard Forbes, Nathan Yang
  • Where are they now? - Sylvain Arreckx, Mathilde Peyrega, Alexis Guigue
  • GERAD news brief