Group for Research in Decision Analysis

GERAD Newsletter: Volume 16 - Number 2 - Fall 2019


  • Spotlights on ... - GERAD’s new director: Olivier Bahn
  • Collaborations - Numerical optimization in Julia with the JuliaSmoothOptimizers framework
  • Impact papers - C. Bingane et al’s, Tight-and-cheap conic relaxation for the AC optimal power flow problem
  • Where are they now? - R. Montagné, É. Prescott-Gagnon, O. Rubel
  • Postdoctoral fellows - M. Diago Martínez, M. Gasse, S. A. Mojallal, J. A. Rodríguez
  • Who are they? - J. Jalbert, W. Qi
  • GERAD news brief