Feb 14, 201911:00 AM — 12:00 PM GERAD seminar Nadia Rasouli

Pricing and order quantity for semi-seasonal goods in the seller-buyer supply chain

Feb 14, 201909:30 AM — 10:30 AM GERAD seminar Mark Broom

Modelling evolution in structured populations involving multiplayer games

Feb 8, 201910:45 AM — 12:00 PM GERAD seminar Miles Lubin

Polyhedral approaches for mixed-integer convex optimization

Jan 24, 201903:00 PM — 04:00 PM GERAD seminar Ana Viana

Integer programming formulations for the k-way (strongly) stable exchange problem

Jan 16, 201902:00 PM — 03:00 PM GERAD seminar Claunir Pavan

Elastic optical transport network engineering problems: Which is the suitable network topology?