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LaTeX for scientific writing


Dec 15, 2023   10:00 AM — 11:30 AM

Zoom link.

The activity is included in the Communicating OR/MS: The Scientific Writing Activity, but all students are welcome to join. This activity assumes that students know the basics of LaTeX, and the goal is to highlight the main challenges and best practices when using LaTeX for scientific writing. The main elements that will be discussed are:

  • Using commands to help during text-editing
  • Using labels and references
  • Citing in LaTeX
  • Using Overleaf as a tool for multi-author collaboration

We will also give participants suggestions about what to do when you don’t know how to do things in LaTeX.


Hybrid activity at GERAD
Zoom et salle 4488
Pavillon André-Aisenstadt
Campus de l'Université de Montréal
2920, chemin de la Tour

Montréal Québec H3T 1J4