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DS4DM Coffee Talk

Demand Management in Shared Mobility Systems


Nov 29, 2023   03:00 PM — 04:00 PM

Matthias Soppert University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Germany

Matthias Sopper

**Presentation on YouTube.

Shared mobility systems like car sharing and bike sharing have become an attractive and wide-spread type of urban mobility over the past decades. The biggest challenge regarding the profitable operation of such systems is the occurring dynamic imbalance between supply and demand, which stems from fluctuating demand patterns and spatially unbalanced vehicle movements. To counter these imbalances, the scientific literature traditionally focused on the supply-sided control approach by means of active vehicle relocation. In my talk, I present approaches in which demand management is proposed as a cost-efficient alternative, meaning that the system’s demand side is influenced through pricing and availability control. On the one hand, specific practice-relevant problems are addressed and solved. On the other hand, general modeling and solution approaches are developed, which can be transferred to related optimization problems for tactical and operational control of shared mobility systems. Extensive numerical studies, including case studies of Europe’s largest car sharing company Share Now, demonstrate that demand management can be implemented successfully in shared mobility systems.

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