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“Meet a GERAD researcher!” seminar

Tight Bounds for the Price of Fairness


Nov 22, 2023   11:00 AM — 12:00 PM

Yichuan Daniel Ding Associate Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada

Yichuan Daniel Ding

Presentation on Youtube.

A central decision maker (CDM), who seeks an efficient allocation of scarce resources among a finite number, n, of players, often has to incorporate fairness criteria to avoid unfair outcomes. Indeed, the price of fairness (POF), a term coined in Bertsimas et al. (2011), refers to the efficiency loss due to the incorporation of fairness criteria into the allocation method. Quantifying the POF would help the CDM strike an appropriate balance between efficiency and fairness. In this paper we improve upon existing results in the literature, by providing tight bounds for the POF for the proportional fairness criterion for any n, when the maximum achievable utilities of the players are equal or are not equal, and we provide as well a tight bound for the max-min (Kalai - Smordinsky) fairness criterion, when the maximum achievable utilities of the players are not equal.

Olivier Bahn organizer


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