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LaTeX course: a deepening


May 26, 2022   09:30 AM — 12:30 PM

The workshop will be held in person. The course will be given in French, but occasional explanations may be given in English.

The goal of this workshop is to deepen the scope of our knowledge of LaTeX's capabilities for writing documents (assignment, internship report, letter, article, thesis, resume, ...). At the end of this workshop, students will be able to recognize the best practices and commands to improve their document and they will deepen their knowledge of the possibilities offered by LaTeX. Students will also learn tips on how to be more efficient and use the full potential of LaTeX.

This workshop will explore the various environments for writing equations (alignment, grouping, long equations, numbering). We will also see the different ways to insert delimiters, distinguish the extensions for composing algorithms and their proper commands (pseudocode, algorithmic, algorithmicx and algorithm2e). Tables will be more complex and will respond to well-defined problems (text too long, automatic column width, table on several pages, text on several columns/rows, table too wide, note under the table, use of color, ...). We will also see how to create a bibliography file and insert citations.

The workshop requires to have already used LaTeX or to have followed the introduction to LaTeX workshop. Application examples will be made using Overleaf, a user-friendly, collaborative online LaTeX editor.

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