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DS4DM Coffee Talk

Large-Scale Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Requests


Apr 7, 2022   11:00 AM — 01:00 PM

Alexandre Florio Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

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Alexandre Florio

Hybrid seminar on Zoom and in the GERAD seminar room.

Dynamic vehicle routing problems (DVRPs) arise in several applications such as technician routing, meal delivery, and parcel shipping. We consider the DVRP with stochastic customer requests (DVRPSR), in which vehicles must be routed dynamically with the goal of maximizing the number of served requests. We model the DVRPSR as a multi-stage optimization problem, where the first-stage decision defines route plans for serving scheduled requests. Our main contributions are knapsack-based linear models to approximate accurately the expected reward-to-go, measured as the number of accepted requests, at any state of the stochastic system. These approximations are based on representing each vehicle as a knapsack with a capacity given by the remaining service time available along the vehicle's route. We combine these approximations with optimal acceptance and assignment decision rules and derive efficient and high-performing online scheduling policies. We further leverage good predictions of the expected reward-to-go to design initial route plans that facilitate serving dynamic requests. Computational experiments on very large instances based on a real street network demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods in prescribing high-quality offline route plans and online scheduling decisions. This work is available as a preprint at arxiv:2202.12983 and implementations (and visualizations) are available here.

Gabriele Dragotto organizer
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Room 4488
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Université de Montréal Campus
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