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Addressing Societal Challenges at Scale: India's Platform and Data Leapfrog

Pramod Varma CTO EkStep, India

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Open digital infrastructure has hugely helped societies access information, products, knowledge, and collaborate better with each other. India has also benefited this from 100's of millions of people having access to mobile phones and Internet. It is essential that from time to time many such digital infrastructure layers are built as public goods to create open access and level playing field for innovators to provide solutions to large diverse society. India has been building its own layers of public digital infrastructure spanning from identity, payment, health and education. Aadhaar, India's digital identity program that was launched in 2010 has successfully covered more than 1.2 billion people. In addition to core digital identity systems, India's open digital infrastructure, collectively known as India Stack also includes electronic payment, digital signature, digital Locker, and data empowerment as its core layers. This talk covers how India is laying its digital foundation to address societal challenges at scale.

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