19th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications
July 25-28, 2022

The International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications is a biennial professional event. The first one was held in 1984 in Haifa, Israel. It was followed by meetings in Williamsburg, USA (1986), Antibes, France (1988), Espoo, Finland (1990), Grimentz, Switzerland (1992), St. Jovite, Canada (1994), Kanagawa, Japan (1996), Maastricht, The Netherlands (1998), Adelaide, South Australia (2000), St. Petersburg Russia (2002), Tucson, USA (2004), Sophia Antipolis, France (2006), Wroclaw, Poland (2008), Banff, Canada (2010), Byšice, Czech Republic (2012), Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2014), Urbino, Italy (2016), Grenoble, France (2018).

The Symposium is in-person. We may consider accommodating a remote presentation under (very) exceptional circumstances, but only a few will be able to be delivered this way.

Co-chairs of the program committee and organizers
Mark Broom
Alberto A. Pinto

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