David Yeung and Leon Petrosyan
The topics include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Dynamic games and applications in economics, finance, management, marketing and operational research, computer science, environment, energy and resource management, biology and social sciences
  • Static games and its applications
  • Repeated games
  • Epistemic game theory
  • Games under Incomplete Information
  • Auction Theory
  • Stochastic games
  • Learning and adaptive games
  • Mechanism design
  • Evolutionary games
  • Cooperative games
  • H-infinity control and robust controller designs
  • Theory of optimal control and dynamic games
  • Numerical methods and computer implementation of game models
  • Dynamic bargaining
  • Pursuit-Evasion games
  • Search, encounter and inspection games



School of Economics (University of Nottingham Ningbo China)
ISDG-China Chapter